Daddona Construction


At this general consultation session, we’ll introduce ourselves, and discuss objectives and budget with you. You can expect “ball park costs” to be quoted. One of our Owners or Salesman/ Estimators will be the first person you meet. Our goal at this meeting will be to understand what work you would like done, so we can work with you to meet your goals, or modify them to fit the limitations of your property or budget. At this meeting we will decide if your project requires a design or not, and if it does whether you would rather purchase it up front, or receive a proposal first, with the cost of a future design included in it.

If after initially “roughing in” your ideas, you choose to purchase a design from us, one of our Designers will explore options with you in a participative process that integrates your ideas with our experience in order to arrive at choices that are best for you. The goal of the design phase is to complete a CAD illustration that we, and possibly other contractors, can bid from.


Before or after your design has been completed, depending on which route you choose, we will prepare a written proposal for you that will include project Specifications, a fixed price, and a job completion time frame. You can then decide whether you would like to move forward, by having us prepare a Contract for you, or whether you would like to make some changes concerning your project’s design, and/or specifications, and/or cost, or whether you would like to take some time to think about your project further.

If we reach an agreement concerning your projects’ design and cost, our next step will be to create your Contract. Your Contract will include project Specifications, Terms & Conditions, and a Payment Schedule. Your project Specifications will fully explain the scope of your project, as established in the design and proposal phases. They will attempt to clearly define what you are getting. This attention to detail will establish clear expectations and help eliminate many potential future misunderstandings. Your Contract will also include Terms & Conditions, which will describe in detail how we will do business together. At the time of the signing of your Contract we will read through these Terms & Conditions with you line by line answering any questions you may have. And finally your Contract will include a Payment Schedule.

Our Salesman &/or Designer work closely with you during the front end of your job. However, the person who directs our employees and subcontractors “in the field” during the installation phase of your project is our Project Manager, and the person who handles your project’s ordering and scheduling from our office is our Office Manager. You will meet with both of these people before your job starts. During this Pre-Production Meeting, they will give you a basic orientation about how the job will flow. Basics of the order of events for the construction work will be covered, as well as the probable emotional cycle associated with your project. You will be advised that problems may come up along the way, and that frayed nerves are likely. Letting you know what to expect up front, and addressing all your concerns throughout the process, will help increase efficiency for us, and decrease stress for everyone.

And then finally — the work begins! During your job we will try to help maintain communication and quality control by scheduling periodic job site meetings, for the purpose of reviewing and discussing your project with you. In addition, your Project Manager and Office Manager will listen to your questions and requests, and address any concerns you may have, as we complete your project. The process often takes longer than you wish, but be assured —we will be there to guide you every step of the way, right up until the finishing touches.

As work draws to a close, a Substantial Completion Meeting will be held to formally review the completed work with you. A final punch list will be agreed upon at this time. This procedure eliminates loose ends and allows us to bring your project to a timely and complete close.


After we complete our final punch list, you will have experienced two thirds of our construction process- sales and installation. In the final third of our process, we will continue to be of service to you being available concerning any warranty work that might become necessary. We will also greatly appreciate being able to call on you occasionally for the purpose of a reference.

Allowing us to cast your expectations, and meet them or exceed them throughout the project, helps us achieve our goal of satisfying you — our valued customer. The smoother our relationship with you before, during, and after your project, the happier you will be, and the higher the likelihood you will return for another project, or send referrals our way. We are looking for customers for life and believe that well-managed projects and relationships are the mark of a truly successful company.

Our Company’s Goal Is Three Fold-

To Create A Win, Win, Win Situation:

 I.   To provide for our customers:

 II.  To provide for our employees:

 III. To provide for ourselves: