Daddona Construction



      Our web site is intended to be a reflection of a future contracting experience with us.    We believe, that for you to get the most out of our web site and a future working    relationship with us, it is best to approach both in the same manner, slowly and    thoroughly. We live in the “information age”, as well as the age of instant gratification.    Concerning information, our web site purposely has a lot to say, being that a building    project requires so much information to be considered. However, in response to the desire    for instant gratification, we choose to not try to appeal to such, for we are not in    agreement. We believe construction should not be, a quick close, quick install matter. If    done properly, it takes time to design, plan, coordinate, problem solve, and communicate.    If you are considering a building project, then how to proceed is an important decision.    Therefore, we ask that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the construction    process, and with us, for we would very much like to work with you in the future. Please    enjoy our web site, and thanks for visiting!



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