Daddona Construction

Rate of Return

What’s the return on your home improvement investment? If you are in the early stages of thinking about pursuing a remodeling project, you need to know that remodeling isn’t just something to update your home and accommodate your needs –it actually adds value to your home. Remodeling Magazine compiles an annual “Cost vs. Value” report in which the immediate resale value is assessed for several common projects in regions throughout the country. For the New York area, the rate of return ranges from 99 to 195 percent --- a whopping 160 percent higher than the national average. We’re in one of the best regions of the country when it comes to rate of return on major remodeling projects. Our customers report rates of return for projects such as kitchens ranging from 120 - 170%. We recommend that you contact your realtor to get a reality check on these numbers for your particular home, neighborhood and situation before using them as a basis for decision making.