Daddona Construction

Advantages of A Design-Build Process

We pride ourselves on being one of the few residential remodelers who are able to offer "design-build" to our clients. This unification creates continuity between the vision of design and the reality of construction. This has many positive implications for you.

You Get Great Designs
The design-build process allows your project to be  designed by people skilled at finessing the balance between design enhancements and cost containment. In addition to being focused on your targeted budget, we are also responsive to your emotional needs and lifestyle. Our designs attempt to balance practicality with creativity.  

You Have Greater Participation in the Design
You are included in the project design process. We listen to get a good sense for your ideas. We  note your design objectives and targeted budget, then work towards those. We take any ideas that you may have, interpret them, and offer new ones as well.  You are involved in selecting materials and finishes. We pride ourselves on our ability to streamline the choices for you from our limitless product choices and finish materials from top quality local suppliers. We guide you through this step so that you end up with colors and choices that you like, without feeling overwhelmed by the journey.

You Get Early Knowledge of Costs
Early knowledge of costs avoids the disappointment of doing a design, bidding it out and then finding out that the project is well beyond what you are willing to spend. We take the time up front to research the your project's "feasibility".

You Develop A Strong Working Relationship
The Design-Build process allows you to get to know us well before the construction process begins. This relationship building starts at the first meeting where we listen and get an understanding for what you want, or the direction you think you want to go. We can manage both the big picture and the details. You end up with what you want without having to worry about how to get there, or the mind boggling number of details involved..

You Have Single Source Accountability
You direct one, instead of many: You only have to deal with one company that takes accountability and stands behind its work. It's convenient, and it provides consistency. Single source accountability reduces misunderstood intentions, reduces conflict, and saves time and expense during construction.

You Save Time
Time is saved by eliminating redesign and re-bidding. The value of various design alternatives are thoroughly considered at each decision point in the design process. This increases the probability that the final design will meet the full set of your design objectives and targeted budget.